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ENJOYTech USA programs improve efficiency in educational and corporate settings through the use of wearable technology. Our hardware and software make schools, work spaces, and events run more productively by efficiently collecting and storing data. The programs help various stakeholders manage and improve the following behaviors: instruction, engagement, attendance, health practices and building safety.


Enjoy smart bracelets work as an audience response system, which not only improves overall participation and collaboration, but allows facilitators to instantly assess understanding and personalize presentations. The Enjoy software automatically generates and stores reports, so facilitators can easily view and transfer data reports.  Additionally, the bracelets work as health trackers and scannable ID bands. Instant assessment is a crucial element in effective instruction and our software combines instant polling with health and behavioral data to improve engagement, professionalism and socioemotional development. The rechargeable bracelets can last up to two weeks on one charge.

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ENJOY GALAXY - intelligent LED bracelets

Enjoy Galaxy are intelligent LED bracelets and wireless light sticks, which are worn by audience members and act as ‘pixels’ through which moving images and videos can be channeled, transforming the audience into a giant screen. The Enjoy galaxy software allows the user to prepare light shows in advance or to do freestyling according to participant movement and audio.


Enjoy HR is a whole new generation of multi-function fixed and handheld biometric authentication devices. The devices connect to our cloud student/employee attendance system. Our devices support GPS precision positioning, RFID and NFC identification, WIFI, Bluetooth, Barcode and SMS transmission services.

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To improve student engagement and instructional practice by using wearable technology.



To make more people enjoy technology through innovation and interactive products

Benefits of The Program

Increased instructional time, academic motivation and outcomes

Classroom response system with automatically generated reports will improve assessment in instruction to better serve the individual needs of every learner

An increase in student and parental engagement through user friendly access to attendance, academic and health reports

Improved school safety through automated attendance

Improved health outcomes through monitoring and reports

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