Customer Stories

Mr. Vitolano

The biggest positive is student engagement. The kids really liked using the watches and these tools required whole-class participation. Even the least active students in each section were included in our tasks that involved the watches. For me, the biggest takeaway was how the watches streamlined the data results in real time, as opposed to me walking around the classroom to see if students were answering correctly. I could get a quick, accurate snapshot of how well the students grasped a particular skill immediately, and then offer support in those areas.

Mr. Vitolano
5th grade math PS 176

I definitely enjoy using the watches in class for the combination of checking student understanding, collecting data in class, and just surveying the class.

7th grade teacher, MS 353

It’s so amazing the excitement that the students have around using the smart watches as a tool. Overall it was very useful to engage class discussion and participation. Also I used it for my in class quizzes and participation. My shy students loved the anonymity around using it.

5th grade teacher, PS284

Students loved that using the watches in class for questions allowed them to practice for exams, with immediate feedback from the instructor and allowed them to feel more confident about participating.

6th grade Math teacher, PS 180

I’ve noticed the shift in culture of a classroom after 2 weeks of integrating the devices

Assistant Principal, PS 375