Enjoy Smart Bracelets


Enjoy smart bracelets work as an audience response system, which not only improves overall participation and collaboration, but allows facilitators to instantly assess understanding and personalize presentations. Additionally, the bracelets work as health trackers and scannable ID bands. The rechargeable bracelets can last up to two weeks on one charge. The system works with an RFID receiver, which allows up to 3000 bracelets to be used simultaneously. The system can handle 100 response signals in less than one second. Enjoy response systems have some of the highest processing speeds of all response systems available. The bracelets can be up to 100 meters (325 feet) from the receiver.


Software: Enjoy Classroom

The Enjoy software automatically generates and stores reports, so facilitators can easily view and transfer data reports. Instant assessment is a crucial element in effective instruction. Enjoy software supports instant polling, multiple choice paper exams, elimination games, surveys and much more. The audience response system combines with health monitoring to improve engagement, professionalism and socio-emotional development. The Enjoy classroom system works with radio frequency communication so no wifi is required and is great for indoor or outdoor use. All data is stored locally on the administrator’s computer and can be uploaded to online storage if needed.

Enjoy Smart Watch


Enjoy Smart Watch is a versatile touch screen device that allows diverse functionality. Along with the classroom response system, health monitoring, web browser and speech input, the watch has many features that educators and learners will find useful. The smart watch can connect to wifi which facilitates many of its features. This Smart Watch supports open ended responses so questions can include numerical or word answers.

Software: Aggregate Classroom

Aggregate classroom is the our web based audience response system that uses an online cloud system to store and organize all your assessment data. Aggregate classroom can be used on any operating system and allows facilitators to quickly create, store and administer questions and tests seamlessly.

Enjoy Health Watch


Enjoy Health Watch is our intelligent health specific device. It accurately monitors steps, calories, distances, heart rate, blood pressure in addition to the quality and duration of sleep. It is IP67 waterproof so is suitable for swimming. It uses PPG light reflection technology to monitor your heart rate and blood pressure intermittently throughout the day. The watch can operate up to 15 days continuously on one charge and connects to a phone through bluetooth for individual users to monitor their health activity over time and receive notifications from their phone.


Software: Aggregate Health

The Aggregate Health system is an app and cloud based system that not only allows individual monitoring of health metrics, but collaborative activity. For physical education and sport coaches the Aggregate health system can be used to monitor fluctuations in students’ and athletes’ heart rate, movements and blood pressure. Administrators will now be able to analyze metrics to gauge effort and/or intervene if there is evidence of over exertion. The software will allow long term monitoring and analysis of users health data to facilitate important coaching and teaching decisions.